Reston Youth Club: Rules/Policies

Summer Games Rules and Policies for 2019

This document is intended as a general guide to the RYC Basketball Rules and policies, as well as player, coach and/or spectator responsibilities. It is for informational use only. From time to time, the RYC Basketball Board reviews its policies, procedures and rules and will make revisions based on the need for and desirability for change. Any policy, procedure or rule outlined in this document may be modified at any time by the Board without advance notice. Additionally, depending on the circumstances of a particular situation, the RYC Basketball Board remains free to decide in all cases whether to apply the policies expressed herein to any particular set of circumstances. By registering your child to play in the RYC Basketball league or yourself to coach, you agree to become aware of the information contained in the manual and abide by it.

Reston Youth Club Basketball is a summer league that focuses on developing skills, engaging in healthy competition and exhibiting positive sportsmanship at all times. All rules and league decisions foster these developments.
  1. Eligibility
  2. Registration & Fees
  3. Roster Guidelines
  4. Season Scheduling
  5. Game Day
  6. Playoffs
1. Eligibility
  1.1 All players are eligible to play for only one division and one team per summer.
  1.2 Eligibility for participation in a given age bracket is determined by a players age on June 17th 2019.

Division Eligibility
Future Stars Beginners: Boys & Girls age 5 - 9
9U Boys & Girls age 9 & Under
11U Boys age 11 & Under
WNBA Girls age 10 - 13
13U Boys age 13 & Under
JV Boys age 15 & Under
Varsity Boys age 18 & Under AND Class of 2019 or younger
League commissioners have the right to place a player in a division based on their skill level.

2. Registration & Fees - All individual/team registrations must be submitted prior to league participation.
  2.1 Individual ("Free Agent")
  • In order to avoid being placed on the waitlist, please have all individuals registered by May 19th, 2019.
  • All individuals must be evaluated by the league in order to be placed on a team.
    Please refer to the “Evaluation” tab to see the evaluation dates & times.
  2.2 Team Registration
  • Team rosters should be between 10 and 15 players. 12 recommended for multi-sport teams(to ensure forfeit avoidance - see rule 6.5).
  • Teams are allowed to register a team with less than 10 player, 6 players is the minimum allowed. If less than 10 players registered, your team will have until May 10th to bring roster up to 10 players or RYC will add players to your roster to meet the minimum.
  • All team registrations must be submitted by May 17, 2019.
  • Players on a team registered roster do not attend an evaluation.
  2.3 Waitlist Placement
  • Players placed on a team from the waitlist will have 24 hours from receiving the placement email to submit payment/documents or RYC will place the next player in line on the waitlist.
Free Agent/Team Fee Schedule
All fees must be paid prior to the start of the season.
Category Paid by April 15th, 2019 Paid after April 15th, 2019
In County Out of County In County Out of County
Individual/Free Agent $100 $130 $110 $140
Team $950 $1250(max) $1000 $1300(max)
There will be a $20 processing fee for refunds before June 1st, and NO Refunds AFTER JUNE 1st.
Individual placement after Registration deadline will include a $20 processing fee.
Team placement after Registration deadline will include a $50 processing fee.

3. Roster Guidelines
  3.1 All evaluated Free Agents will be assigned to teams by June 1.
  3.2 The league reserves the right to add players to any team.
  3.3 Roster changes can only be made with league approval. Failure to receive league approval will result in forfeiture of violated games.

4. Season Scheduling
  4.1 Matchups: The league reserves the right to match-up teams based on skill/record for best possible competition after the season starts. The goal is to have as many competitive games as possible throughout the course of the season.
  4.2 Schedule Changes: The league cannot guarantee that schedule requests can be accommodated. All teams are expected to be able to play Monday - Friday between 6 - 10pm. Except for an emergency, a schedule change request must be made at least 48 hours in advance, and must be approved by the league. A change will be considered only if less than five players can make the game. If a coach can not attend a game, there must be an alternate adult present to coach the team.
  4.3 The league reserves the right to modify the game times & final weeks scheduling based on competitive play and playoff implications.
  4.4 Schedule Updates: Check this website after 4:00 p.m. on a daily basis for up-to-date schedule information.

5. Game Day
  5.1 Teams should arrive no later than 15 minutes before your game time.
  5.2 Players are required to wear the official league shirt for league play. An acceptable replacement of like-colored shirt will be allowed.
  5.3 All teams must have at least one adult coach on the bench for each game. A violation will result in a forfeit.
  5.4 The coach must maintain order on his/her bench. Only one coach per team can stand during a game. Players must remain seated and only eligible players can sit on the bench during a game.
  5.5 Table Assignments: One parent from each team will be asked to keep track of the game at the score table
  • Home Team: Scorebook
  • Away Team: Timekeeper
  5.6 All participating players must be entered into the score book. If a player entered does not show up for the game, that player must be scratched out from the game book. Failure to comply can violate playoff participation.
  5.7 A team must have four eligible roster players to begin a game. A forfeit will result if a team has fewer than five eligible players by the start of the second half.
Game Clock Rules
Game Clock Clock Stops Halftime Playing Time Minimum Clock Doesn’t Stop*
16-Minute Halves Free Throws
Final Minute of Halves/OT
2 Minutes
12 Minutes
20+ points score difference (Mercy Rule)
Timeouts: 4 Total (2 - 30 sec; 2 - Full) *Clock will resume regular stoppage when under the 20 point threshold.
1st OT: 2 Minutes 2nd OT: 1 Minute 3rd OT: Sudden Death

  5.8 Backcourt Defenses
  • 9U - No Backcourt Defense in the first half or if up 10+ points.
  • 11U & WNBA - No Backcourt Defense if up 10+ points.
  • 13U, JV & Varsity - No Backcourt Defense if up 20+ points.
  5.9 Player/Team Fouls
  • Players can foul up to 5 times per game. The 5th foul will result in a "Foul Out".
  • "Bonus" (1 & 1): Seventh Team Foul of the half.
  • "Double Bonus" (2 Shots): Tenth Team Foul of the half.
  • Technical Foul: A player or coach who receives two technical fouls in a game will be ejected and will receive a one game suspension; a second incident by the same individual will result in suspension from the league.
  • FLAGRANT FOULS WILL RESULT IN PLAYER AND/OR TEAM SUSPENSIONS. A player who commits a flagrant "T" will be immediately ejected from the game and face a minimum of a one game suspension. A team that commits two flagrant fouls in a game will forfeit the game and face the possibility of league suspension. A second incident by a player or team will result in suspension or expulsion from the league.
  5.10 COACH & PARENT SPORTSMANSHIP: Coaches and parents are expected to set an example for the players. Coaches and parents not able to control their language, behavior, or follow sportsmanship rules set forth here and in the Coaches Handbook, will:
  1. Be warned.
  2. Cost their team a two shot technical and be asked to leave.
  3. Be suspended for one or more games.
  4. Cost their team a forfeit.
  5. Lose the privilege of coaching/attending games.
  5.11 At the end of each game, all players, coaches and parents MUST immediately exit the gym.

6. Playoffs
  6.1 Players must play at two regular season to be eligible for the playoffs.  Any concerns/issues during the season, please promptly contact the league.
  6.2 Tie Breakers
  1. Total Wins
  2. Head-To-Head
  3. Least Points Allowed (Average based on non-forfeit games)
  6.3 The league reserves the right to seed the playoff brackets when an unbalanced schedule is present in a division: meaning every team does not play each opponent and equal amount of times.
  6.4 The league may place a team in a playoff bracket different from their season play based on the team’s performance during the regular season.
  6.5 Any team that forfeits two games during the season will be ineligible to play in the playoffs.